Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems in Your Apartment Building

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems in Your Apartment Building

Imagine if you just signed a lease to your new apartment and moved in the following week. Your apartment is located on the top floor, and you’re all settled in. The second day after you moved in a fire breaks out on the floor below you and ravages through the entire building, but everyone has made it out safe. Now imagine if the building you just signed your lease in just had a state of the art residential fire sprinkler system installed a few weeks before you even thought of moving there. The fire would have been isolated to the apartment it started in, saving everyone in the building from losing everything they had.

This may be a somber story, but something like this could happen to anyone, anywhere. Just by knowing that your apartment and belongings are safe and are being protected by the nearly perfect 95% fail safe rate of sprinklers, is piece of mind enough. Before these systems are even installed, the building has to be carefully evaluated to ensure that the structure can handle the system. If the building is older, it would often have to take some remodeling to get it adjusted for the new system. If you are looking for sprinkler services in the great state of Ohio, call us to discuss what we have to offer!


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