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HVAC Service in Granville OH

HVAC Service in Granville, OH

Are you looking for a low-cost HVAC service in Granville, Ohio? Place your faith in Gutridge! Our qualified technicians have over 25 years of expertise in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installation and service. We repair, fix, or install heating and cooling systems that keep your home or office comfortable while staying within your budget.

We’ll get you up and running in no time, whether you require commercial or residential air conditioning service. To get started, give us a call at 614-252-0420.

We’re Proud to Serve Granville in Ohio

Granville provides a wealth of activities to see and do, both indoors and out. From beautiful state parks to tough hiking and biking routes, kayaking and canoeing, award-winning zoos and conservatories, world-class shopping, theater, restaurants, sporting events, and nightlife, there’s something for everyone. On both sides of downtown, there is a slew of new restaurants and shops. 

Watch the gentle giants, the manatees, glide through their Ohio habitat at the world-recognized Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and rediscover your inner child. Picnic at Dawes Arboretum’s magnificent Japanese Gardens. Explore the prehistoric Indian mounds and learn about their fascinating history. Watch hundreds of multicolored butterflies take wing around you as you marvel at the beauty of the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Take a group or private excursion to The Wilds in Ohio, and then go on a zip line experience there, in the Hocking Hills, or just north of Columbus at the ZipZone. Within 60 minutes or less of The Inn, you may discover a plethora of unique gems.

Central Ohio is home to top-ranked chefs, a thriving farm-to-table movement, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and innovative handmade sweets, beers, wines, and spirits, and was just selected to the New York Times’ list of “52 Places to Visit in 2019” and Food & Wine’s 32 Places to Go (and Eat) in 2019.

For some of our favorite places in each category, click on the following links:










Granville, unlike many early 1800s communities, was a planned village formed in 1805 by residents of Granville, Massachusetts. Because their population was growing, yet the soil in their location was depleted, these New Englanders faced an economic problem. They looked west for riches, to the then-new state of Ohio.

Granville is located in the “Military Lands,” which were confiscated by the United States government during the Northwest Indian War in the 1790s. After forcefully relocating the majority of Native Americans to the north and west, the United States divided the territory and distributed it to Revolutionary War veterans.

Few of these soldiers wanted to travel to Ohio and cultivate the land for themselves, so speculators acquired these plots for pennies on the dollar, packaged them, and resold them to towns like Granville, Mass., which paid $48,000 for 29,000 acres—roughly $1 million today.

As a result, in the fall of 1805, more than 200 persons embarked on a hard and deadly trek over the Alleghenies from Massachusetts to central Ohio.

The new settlement came in a chilly and wet area in central Ohio’s deep woodland, rather than a town. They celebrated their arrival, according to folklore, by felling a beech tree and having an open-air church service around the stump, an event marked in many locations across town, including the local post office.

We’re available Monday through Sunday and we offer 24-hour emergency services. So, if you’re experiencing an AC outage, give us a call for HVAC repair – any hour of the day, 7 days a week.

Don’t just wait for an emergency, though. We offer pre-season cooling and heating inspections and can fix issues before they become problems. This will save you money in the long run and will prevent you from experiencing any sleepless nights during the dog days of summer.

Residential Heating and Cooling Services

It’s all you can think about when your home’s heating and cooling system fails. When Granville gets hit by a cold spell or a heatwave, not having a working HVAC system can be hazardous. Your house should be a safe haven for you. When you call us, we’ll make it our top priority to get your system back up and running as soon as possible.

Our professionals have decades of experience with home heating and cooling repair for systems of all sizes. We’ll get you back on track rapidly and correctly – at an affordable price.

Commercial Services

Commercial HVAC systems in Granville have different needs compared to residential systems. They’re often larger, more complicated, and stronger. Gutridge’s experts have decades of combined knowledge and know-how to properly maintain or install your system.

We care about the comfort of you, your tenants, employees, and customers. Plus, we also care about your pocketbook. Don’t let high power bills and damaged equipment be a concern for your business. We know how to create energy-efficient HVAC systems. Rest easy knowing that your power bills are low and your equipment is safe throughout the year.

Don’t know what you need to properly heat and cool your business? We’ll create a plan that will provide the heating and cooling power that you need. Then, we’ll get everything installed quickly, properly, and on budget. 

HVAC Services Available in Granville

We have a full range of HVAC service options for Residential and Commercial applications, including:

  • Air Rotation Units
  • Boiler repair and service
  • Chilled Water Pumps
  • Chiller repair and service
  • Cooling Towers
  • Heating water pumps
  • Make-up air units
  • Mini Split Systems
  • Pre-Season Cooling Inspections
  • Pre-Season Heating Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • PTAC units
  • Rooftop units (Package units)
  • Service and Repair for all major brands of furnace and air conditioners
  • Supply and exhaust fans
  • VAV Systems
  • VRF Systems

If it has anything to do with heating and cooling, there’s a great chance that our HVAC service specialists know how to fix it. So if you don’t see something on the list above, give us a call and we’ll let you know if we can handle it.

HVAC Installation

Proper installation is crucial for setting your system up for success. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with experts that know what they’re doing. 

If you need HVAC installation, we’ve got you covered. Gutridge offers an entire suite of HVAC installation options in Granville, including:

  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Cooling towers
  • Design assistance
  • Design build
  • Ground package units
  • Make-up air units
  • Mini split systems
  • Plan specs
  • Replacements and new installations
  • Rooftop units
  • Supply and exhaust fans
  • VAV systems
  • VRF systems
  • VRV systems

Don’t see what you’re looking for listed above? Give us a call. Our 25 years of heating and cooling experience means that we can install almost anything related to HVAC.

Why Choose Gutridge for Heating and Cooling in Granville, OH?

What makes Gutridge the best choice for A/C servicing in Granville, OH? We’re happy to elaborate!

Quick, Local Service in Granville OH – 24/7

When your HVAC system goes down, we understand that time is of utmost importance. As soon as you give us a call, we’ll snap into action. Our experts will head your way to solving your problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Expert Knowledge of Heating and Cooling Services

Gutridge has over 25 years of experience and we’ve seen it all. We’ll get you up-and-running the right way, the first time. You won’t need to worry about your system breaking down again in a few months. We are the premier local source for HVAC service in Granville.

The Customer Comes First

Our customers are our number one priority. Every member of our team is a company ambassador for Gutridge. So our employees share our passionate vision for customer satisfaction. If you’re unsatisfied with your experience for any reason, give us a call and we’ll do whatever we can to make it right.

We Have the Resources to Get Your Job Done Right

We have a total of almost 30,000 square feet of engineering, design, and service, and administration offices near Granville. We also have over 15,000 square feet of prefabrication and shop space. So we have the resources to get your job done quickly, correctly, and to your exact specifications. 

Get Started with Top-Quality HVAC Service in Granville, OH Today

Ready to get started with the highest quality HVAC service in Granville? Give us a call (especially if you have an emergency). Reach us at any hour, 7-days a week at 614-252-0420. Alternatively, contact us using the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Experience the Gutridge difference today and get your a/c system back on track!